Bagpoint is seeking local franchisees to expand its services globaly

Bagpoint Franchisee


We believe working with selected local franchisees is the best way to ensure high quality services, establish true door-to-door baggage services and sustainable profitability for all our partners.


Bagpoint Franchisees are responsible for the local exploitation, execution and logistics of the Bagpoint Services under the Bagpoint brand in a certain area.


Do you want to find out if your company has got what it takes to become a Bagpoint Franchisee?

Our Baggage Services

Baggage has always been a major inconvenience for most travellers. Now, due to COVID, decentralized (off-airport) processes are key to the industry's recovery. Travellers are now more than ever concerned about their safety and are very much aware of the fact that long waiting lines and over-crowded terminals will inrease their exposure to COVID-19. At the same time travellers are instructed by both airlines and authorities to arrive early, show PCR and/or vaccination documents, collect their boarding pass at the check-in desk and check-in bags in lieu of cabin baggage. The measurements though clear will unavoidably lead to even longer waiting lines creating sincere concerns and even fear amonst travellers. The Bagpoint baggage services have been developed to address this issues.

Bag Check-in & Drop-off from HOME

With the Bagpoint Home Bag Drop passengers can check-in and drop-off their hold luggage from the comfort of their home and enjoy contactless, bag-free air travel and skip the waiting lines
at the airport saving precious time and reduce exposure to COVID-19.

Bag Check-in & Drop-off from HUB

With the Bagpoint Hub Bag Drop passengers can check-in and drop-off their hold luggage from the comfort of their hotel and enjoy contactless, bag-free air travel and skip the waiting lines
at the airport saving precious time and reduce exposure to COVID-19.

The Bagpoint Ecosystem

The Bagpoint ecosystem consst of software and hardware tools which local Franchisees around the world can use for the prupose of providing seamless Remote baggage delievery services.

Bagpoint Booking

Bookings can be made via a customizable airline landing page,, Bagpoint Counter app in a Bagpoint HUB location or via the Bagpoint mobile app.

Bagpoint Driver App

The fixed-workflow Bagpoint Driver app ensures adherence to regulatory requirements and individual airline policies, time and time again. 

Bagpoint Dispatch App

The dispatch dashboard manage all incoming tasks drivers has pick-up and deliver With this maagement system logistics are being symplified and well managed. 

Bagpoint Bag Drop

Elegant, easy to use, highly mobile, self-service bag drop units for use in all our Bagpoint HUB locations. Designed by Bagpoint, manufactured in the Netherlands.


The execution of the logistics is one of the most important elements of the Bagpoint services. It is for this very reason Bagpoint aims to partner up with the best in class local entrepreneurs and who meet or exceeds the Bagpoint standards.

Your own logistics

Bagpoint Franchisees may have their own experienced fleet and drivers. With the Bagpoint Dispatch application pick-up and delivery orders can easily be managed and assigned to drivers.

Outsourcing Logistics

For certain tasks, like city wide events, or large conventions its possible to add local heroes to the already existing pool of drivers. 

Our Rules of Engagement

The Bagpoint services have been designed in concert with civil aviation authorities to meet the safety and security regulations of the aviation industry and local laws.
The Bagpoint Rules of Engagement for Drivers form an integral part of this and each and every franchisee are required to adhere to these rules.


All drivers of our selected franchisees need to be screened, have a certificate of good conduct and pass an airport security training.
Bagpoint will occasionally perform audits to ensure if the Rules of Engagament are being executed properly.

Vehicle requirements

All vehicles of our selected franchisees need to be equipped with CCTV camera's and central locking mechanism in order to prevent unauthorized access.

Your Benefits

Being part of the Bagpoint Franchise means you are part of a global brand under one single platform. Not only do you have acces to all your customers, you also have access to hundreds of Bagpoint HUB partners, Airline partners, resellers and co-franchisees worldwide.

Successful formula

Launched in 2020, Bagpoint franchisees have already obtained the rights to operate the Bagpoint services in over 18 countries covering more than 60 airports.

One brand, multi-host

Bagpoint is the world’s first “baggage as a service” multi-host platform offering innovative baggage check-in and door-to-door delivery services. Each franchisee is hosted on its own partition.

Reselling partners

Bagpoint HUB partners and Airline partners will increase sales accross the franchise network, making the Bagpoint ecosystem one of the most profitable out there.

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