Offering Airline Baggage Check-in and transport services from the comfort of your premises

Bagpoint HUB


Become a Bagpoint HUB partner and increase the customer loyalty of your guests by offering them airline baggage check-in and drop-off from the comfort of your premises.
Your guests then have their hands free and can make the most of their day. Once it is time to go to the airport, their bags have already been picked-up and transported to the airport by a Bagpoint driver. Your guests can skip the waiting lines at the airport check-in, save precious time and reduce exposure to COVID-19.


Bagpoint HUB partners can be hotels, local parcel shops, home construction stores etc.


Place one or two Bagpoint self-service Bag Drop kiosks near the reception counter. There are some Rules of Engagement to adhere to. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll be more than happy to demonstrate how it works and the steps necessary to become a Bagpoint HUB partner.

The Bagpoint Airport Delivery with bag check-in from HUB service, within the industry also known as remote bag drop, allows travellers to breeze through the airport.
Interested to see how the service works? Click the video below.

The Bagpoint self-service bag drop

With its modern minimalistic design the Bagpoint self-service bag drop unit will feel right at home in your reception area. Your guests will enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of the bag drop service and even more so they enjoy the fact of having their hands free while enjoying there day. At the airport they can skip the line and safe precious time.

  • Fully compliant with airline rules and regulations
  • Integrated all-in-one boarding pass and passport/ID scanner
  • Issues IATA compliant airline bag tags
  • Future ready with RFID UHF bag tags and biometrics
  • Calibrated industrial scale
  • Connects via ethernet or WIFI

Your Benefits

COVID-19 proof

Decentralised contactless baggage check-in and drop-off process from HOME and HUB

Additional ancillary revenues

Receive kickback fees whilst enhancing your customer loyalty.

Enhanced customer loyalty

Guests can travel contactless, bag-free, worry-free, COVID-19 proof and save precious time by skipping the waiting lines at the airport baggage check-in counter.

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